Beta Testing Using Game Center

Guide for testing iOS Gamecenter enabled apps.

To help test our applications & games, Apple provides a Sandbox environment that duplicates the live functionality of Game Center, but is separate from it. This allows us to test our Game Center features without being visible to regular users.

As a beta tester, your Game Center account may be logged into either Sandbox for testing, or into the live environment but not both. To change which account you are logged into, switch to the built-in Game Center app and log out, then run the game we have sent you. If everything goes right you should enter your test account information (Which has been assigned to you via out Beta Testing Configuration page) to log into the Sandbox.

The first time you use your assigned Sandbox login you will be presented with a Terms and Conditions page from apple, along with a few other Initial data entry requirements. It should also display that you are now logged into the ***Sandbox*** environment on most if not all Game Center screens.
Important, when requested for a nickname to assign to the account please use the one assigned to the account in our configuration page, this will enable testing of finding friends and other social functionality within the game. Also enable the sandbox Game Center account to be publicly visible when requested, during this initial login.

On subsequent logins you will not be required to enter any more information.

When you have finished a testing session, close down the game being tested and ensure you log out of Gamecenter via the Settings app on your device.
Important, on more recent iOS versions the application will cease to ask if you want to log into game center if you cancel the login prompt 3 times, this can cause problems in that due to the way the Game Center sandbox environment is implemented by apple, running a beta test game is the only way to actually log into the Sandbox servers.
Should this happen you will not be able to test the Game Center and quite possibly the multiplay aspects of the game you are testing.

The first possibly solution to this problem is to close down the game & return to the settings app on your device, log into the live version of Game Center by entering your own normal account details and then log out again. And then try the game, if this does not succeed in resetting the state of the Sandbox then the last resort it to perform a “General/Reset/Reset all Settings” operation via the iOS settings app. This will have the result of clearing the lock on the applications access to the Game Center Sandbox, but will also clear things like your iOS lock code, and other minor settings (location availability, notification settings etc).

Obviously this may cause an inconvenience and so Care should be exercised when logging into the Sandbox Game Center via the game. Ensuring you use the login details available via our Beta Tester Configuration page.